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NRG Bunbury Capabilities

Equal Quality Assurance ISO 9001

NATA Certified (exe,n,p,d,tD) Explosion Proof Repair Facility

  • 7 Tonne overhead duel hook gantry crane
  • Capacity for motors up to 13 tonne
  • Capacity for AC & DC motor overhauls fractional to 4000KW
  • 3300kV test panel
  • 415V & 700VDV Test Facility
  • 3.5 Tonne x 3M long balancing machine
  • 2m Lathe
  • Milling M/C
  • Radial Drill
  • Temperature controlled burnout oven
  • 3m x 3m x 3m Baking oven
  • Various test equipment for HV & LV testing
  • Commtest VB7 bearing & vibration data collector
  • Field capability for large onsite repair (24 hours a day)

NRG Transformer Capabilities

  • HV Field team
  • HV Testing capabilities doble & SFRA
  • Oil processing equipment for TR sets & power transformers
  • Secondary injection testing of protection relays
  • Circuit breaker & repair facility
  • Earthing surveys & testing
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